Mather and Pitts Insurance, Inc.
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What to Expect From Us

We know the importance of providing quality insurance protection but we know that cost is important too. You need comprehensive yet cost-effective coverage and that's where we can help.

We provide:

  • prompt, courteous service with a caring attitude
  • innovative insurance products designed with your needs and budget in mind
  • toll-free calling from anywhere in New England
  • convenient hours (In addition to our regular business hours, we'll schedule appointments after hours.)

We're Independent Agents® and as representatives of many excellent companies, we can suggest a policy that suits your personal needs at a price you can afford.

Over the years, we've served thousands of people just like you. We've helped them through hurricanes, floods, hailstorms and other disasters, and we'll be there for you too. We promise that we'll always put your needs first.