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Privacy Policy

Why we collect information from you.

We take your privacy seriously and want you to know that we are committed to treating the information you provide to us in a responsible manner. The information which we collect from you allows us to complete your service request such as making a change on your insurance policy, assisting you with a claim or to provide a quote for your insurance.

We may also use this information to keep you informed of insurance matters through newsletters and to inform you of insurance products or endorsements to your insurance policies from which you are likely to benefit.

Quote requests are secure but email is not.

If you request a quote from us via our website, your information will be sent to us via a secure transmission. Email messages to us are not, however, secure. Our system does not encrypt messages and you should avoid submitting personal or financial information via email. We encourage you to forward such information to us through the mail or by phoning us and speaking to one of our employees.

Where we obtain our information.

When you request a quote from us, we will collect information directly from you. We will also collect information about past claims from insurance support organizations and we will collect insurance scores that are based on your credit history. We will verify your record of accidents and convictions as reported by State motor vehicles departments. We obtain these reports through an independent reporting agency.

Sharing of Information.

We share the information which we collect with the insurance companies from which we are obtaining quotes on your behalf. We do not give or sell your information to anyone else. However, we may be required to share your personal information with a government agency if required by federal or state laws. We may be required to share your personal information if we are ordered to do so by summons, subpoena, warrant or court order. We may also be required to share your personal information in order to protect our own legal interests such as in cases of suspected fraud or illegal activities.

Links to other websites.

Our website includes links to other websites. We make every effort to provide links only to those sites which share our standards of quality, content and respect for privacy. But we can’t assume responsibility for the content or the privacy practices of the owners of those sites.

Need more information?

If you have additional questions about our privacy policy, you can obtain more information by emailing us at Or, you can write to us at Mather & Pitts Insurance Inc, PO Box 129,  Essex, CT 06426. You can also phone us at 860-767-0084.