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Global Medical Insurance

Global medical coverage from Mather & Pitts protects you no matter how far you travel from home. We also provide coverage for foreign nationals visiting the United States.

Our plans offer:

  • Short and medium term travel medical insurance for U.S. citizens
  • Long term major medical insurance for U.S. Citizens living outside the U.S.
  • Group coverage for corporations with employees living abroad

We represent the IMG® (International Medical Group) family of companies and their Patriot America, Patriot International and Indy+ International health plans.

IMG® has over 100 years of combined insurance experience and takes pride in providing innovative products as well as responsive and accurate administrative services. Known for its dependability and affordability, IMG is one of only a few companies providing both a comprehensive product line and complete on-site services including underwriters, claims professionals and medical examiners.

Whether you work, live or travel abroad, we can provide the health coverage you need.

Our Products Include:

  • Global Medical Insurance®
    Annually renewable major medical insurance for U. S. citizens living outside the U.S.
  • Global Senior Medical Insurance®
    Life medical benefits to those persons insured under Global Medical Insurance prior to age 65 and maintaining coverage to age 75.
  • Global Daily Indemnity®
    Designed to offset personal expenses such as bills, deductibles and other obligations during a covered hospital stay, this plan pays $100 per day directly to the insured for each overnight hospital stay.
  • Patriot International®
    Patriot International is a short-term travel insurance plan for U. S. citizens traveling outside the U. S. Coverage is available for stays of 15 days to 12 months.
  • Patriot Executive®
    Designed for executives, who travel frequently throughout the year, this annual plan provides cost-effective and time-efficient coverage with easy administration.
  • Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance®
    This plan provides short-term coverage for groups of 5 or more. This simplified issue group program allows the trip sponsor to secure coverage without the inconvenience normally associated with group underwriting.
  • GEO Group®
    This is one of the most comprehensive group medical, life, dental and indemnity plans available. The plan is designed for U. S. multi-national corporations and international associations that require coverage outside the U. S.