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Personal Umbrella Coverage

A personal umbrella policy protects you against suits due to injuries for which you are legally liable. For example, you may be sued if your dog bites a neighbor or for an injury which someone sustains on your front steps or walkway.

Although you have liability coverage on your home, your auto and your watercraft, these policies may not provide enough coverage to pay for damages which are awarded by a jury.

In the event that your loss exceeds the limit of your basic policy, your personal umbrella policy’s excess limit combines with the underlying limit of your home, auto or watercraft policy to provide you with a greater amount of coverage.

All of this extra protection at a low cost!

With your personal umbrella policy, you get:

  • High coverage limits at a low cost
  • Defense cost coverage
  • Protection against groundless suits
  • Worldwide protection

In today’s world, you can’t afford to be without this coverage.