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Before Going on Vacation

7/21/2010 by WebSolutions

How can I secure my house or apartment while I'm away?

  • Create a lived-in look to deter burglars
  • Stop newspaper and mail deliveries
  • Ask a neighbor to turn lights on in the evening
  • Use a telephone answering machine or call forwarding to quiet ringing telephones
  • Make sure that all windows and doors are locked to make entry more difficult for intruders

If my home is burglarized or damaged by fire, are all of my possessions covered?

Under a standard homeowner's insurance policy for a single-family home, the contents of the home are covered for 50% of the amount of insurance on the dwelling ($50,000 of contents coverage on a house insured for $100,000). A renter's policy is written for a specified dollar amount, based on what you own, to cover the loss of personal belongings in your apartment. There are special limits of liability on certain items, however.

Typically, there is a $100 or $200 limit on money and a $1,000 limit on securities, passports, tickets and stamps. There is generally a $1,000 limit on watercraft, trailers and outboard motors. For fine jewelry, furs and watches which are stolen, a usual limit of $1,000 is provided. And, there is typically a $2,000 limit for theft of guns, a $2,500 limit on theft of silverware, goldware and pewterware and a $2,500 limit on business property. A home inventory is important to have. The inventory is a list of your possessions, including makes, models and serial numbers. Photographs or videotape of your belongings are other ways of recording what you own. These records should be kept in a safe place away from the house or apartment so they would not be lost in the event of a fire.

What if the items I take with me on vacation are stolen?

Your belongings are generally covered by your homeowner's or renter's policy anywhere in the world, including items in storage facilities, suitcase contents and items lent to friends. However, coverage for property kept at a second home and business property away from home is limited.

We'll be traveling by car on vacation. Do you have any suggestions?

Check with our agency to be certain that your auto insurance is up to date. Make sure that your vehicle is in good running condition. While traveling, be sure your passengers wear seat belts and that young children ride in car seats at all times. Also, keep cameras, purses and other valuables with you while on vacation. Never leave them in the car.

I plan to rent a car for this trip. Is it necessary to buy the insurance the rental agency sells?

Maybe not. Prior to leaving on vacation, check with us to determine if your personal auto insurance policy covers damage to a rented vehicle. You may also want to contact your credit card company to ask if a rental car charged to your account is covered for damage. If you don't have either of these coverages, it may be wise to purchase insurance from the rental agency.


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