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Identity Fraud

8/3/2010 by WebSolutions

We are pleased to announce that Peerless Insurance now offers a new homeowners’ policy endorsement to help you in the event you become the victim of identity fraud.

Protect yourself with our Identity Fraud Expenses* Coverage Endorsement.

We are pleased to announce that an optional Identity Fraud Expenses Coverage Endorsement is available for attachment to your Peerless Insurance homeowners' policy. When you purchase the optional endorsement, it provides up to $15,000 in coverage to reimburse you for expenses* made necessary to restore your credit history if you become a victim of identity fraud.

Subject to the endorsement provisions, coverage is provided for the following:

  • Costs for notarizing affidavits or similar documents attesting to fraud required by financial institutions or similar credit grantors or credit agencies.
  • Costs for certified mail to law enforcement agencies, credit agencies, financial institutions or similar credit grantors.
  • Actual loss of earnings (but not loss of other income) resulting from time taken off work to complete fraud affidavits, meet with or talk to law enforcement agencies, credit agencies and/or legal counsel, up to a maximum payment of $500 per week for a maximum period of up to four weeks.
  • Loan application fees for re-applying for a loan or loans when the original application is rejected solely because the lender received incorrect credit information.
  • Attorney fees, incurred with our prior consent, for:
    - Defending lawsuits brought against an "insured" by merchants, financial institutions or their collection agencies;
    - Removing of any criminal or civil judgments wrongly entered against an "insured"; and
    - Challenging the accuracy or completeness of any information in a consumer credit report.
  • Reasonable charges incurred for long distance telephone calls to merchants, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions or similar credit grantors, or credit agencies to report or discuss an actual "identity fraud".

Please contact your independent agent for details and more information about our valuable optional Identity Fraud Expenses Coverage Endorsement.

*Special Note:
Optional Identity Fraud Expenses Coverage Endorsement is available with a limit of liability up to $15,000 per occurrence for covered reimbursable expenses. The coverage is subject to a $250 per occurrence deductible and certain provisions and exclusions. Loss or expenses not described in the coverage endorsement are not covered. This information only provides coverage highlights - it does NOT provide any coverage. If there are any conflicts between the contents of this page and the endorsement, the endorsement provisions apply. We reserve the right to change the coverage provisions described in this page without prior notice. If we do so, the changed provisions apply.

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